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Defy Not the Heart by Johanna Lindsey

Defy Not the Heart - Johanna Lindsey

Ooh I liked this one!


A medieval romance was a nice change of pace.


Reina was able to stand on her own. In the beginning of the book she helps defend her castle against invaders. She also doesn't become a doormat when she marries Ranulf. Even though he becomes Lord of the place, Reina is still a Lady and retains her power. She's feisty, but it isn't just for show.


Ranulf is a knight and has a pet cat. Awwww! I liked Ranulf a lot too. He's tough and strong but has a good heart. He's never really aggressive with Reina.


The way Reina and Ranulf's relationship progressed was great. Throughout the book they learn about each other and slowly fall in love. They actually try to talk to one another when they have problems. Their problems aren't solved right away, but you definitely see that their relationship is taking a step forward every time.


There were plenty of funny moments that made me smile.


The twists at the end were pretty good and tied up everything nicely.


Verdict: I recommend it!