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Latest book purchases - Lisa Kleypas finds

I've been hitting thrift stores since the beginning of the month for books. For now I'm only buying books of authors that I'm collecting since I got a nice pile of books from a library sale back in May. At the moment I'm collecting one author, and that is Lisa Kleypas. 


So far this month I've bought two books: Blue-Eyed Devil and Suddenly You.



Blue-Eyed Devil is in hardback and is in like-new condition. I paid $2.99. It's the second book in a series. I own the third book, but I still have to find the first. Oh darn. I'll be waiting to read this since I like to read in order.


Suddenly You is a mass market paperback and is a stand-alone novel. I got it for $1.99. It's worn but in good shape.


I saw some books from Kleypas's Crystal Cove series at Goodwill but only books 2 and 3. I didn't buy those since I didn't feel like having another Kleypas series sitting on my shelf that's also missing the first book. I'd rather wait and read some of the ones I have now and hope in the meantime I'll find the first book.