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His Wicked Promise by Samantha James

His Wicked Promise - Samantha James

Originally published: 1999

Pages: 351

First sentence:

"She's leaving," the lad whispered.


A solid read. I bought this along with the first book in the series from a Friends of the Library book sale, and I don't see myself giving it away any time soon. I'll keep it on my shelf.


The writing again has a dramatic flair to it so characters' emotions come off strong and exaggerated, kind of soap opera-y. Definitely not subtle. It didn't turn me off, but it might not appeal to others.


Main pair: Glenda and Egan


(image from inner cover)


Glenda, I liked her even though she was frustrating at times. I understood the grief she was going through due to losing her husband and baby, but it came up over and over. Like anytime she and Egan were making progress in their relationship, the thought of her dead husband and baby popped up. So poor Egan. He had a rough time trying to show Glenda how he was clearly in love with her. 


The main pair fight and argue a lot throughout the book which got to be tiring. These two were stubborn and had trouble communicating their feelings. But there were some cute and funny moments like when Glenda playfully threw apples at Egan when he wasn't looking. Okay, she accidentally knocked him out with one, but it was still funny. There were also some heartfelt moments like when Egan admitted to Cameron that he felt bad for marrying Glenda since the dead husband was Cameron's brother.


Egan and Glenda's romance was rocky, but seeing them overcome their troubles and achieve a happy ending was satisfying.


Recommendation: Borrow from the library, a friend, etc.


Some interesting words from the book I had to look up: sennight, trews, mantle, cotter, bailey, copsewainwright,


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