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A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Rapunzel (Erotic Erotica Romance)

A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Rapunzel (Erotic Erotica Romance) - Selena Kitt

This was a cute, heartwarming story. I even found myself getting teary eyed at times. It is an erotic tale, but I would classify it as an erotic romance. There are some hot scenes with Rachel and Jake, but it felt romantic and intimate.

I thought it was a clever interpretation of Rapunzel into a modern day fairy tale. My favorite moment was when Jake asks Rachel to let down her hair. That is, he asks Rachel to take off her wig, which she wears, because she has had cancer and lost her hair due to the chemo treatments. I thought that was a really sweet moment, because it shows that Jake thinks Rachel is a beautiful person and loves her whether she has a full head of hair or not.