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Every book is a new journey to embark on. I mainly read romances, but I dabble in other genres too.

From Goodreads to BookLikes

Yeah, I decided to move to BookLikes. Sorry Goodreads. GR is a nice site. I don't hate it, not even when Amazon bought it. It's just that over the past years there hasn't been much significant improvements over there. It's been stagnant.


BookLikes seems to suits my needs better. I like the blog format. It feels more personal. I imported my books, and even though my book data isn't 100% accurate like at GR (I'm trying not to be a stickler when it comes to covers, isbns, etc.) as long I can recognize what book it is, I'm good. I think there might be some books on my shelves that have completely wrong covers or whatever from the import, but I'll fix that when I see them. I want my focus to be on reading, writing reviews, and having fun with books!