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Tempt Me at Twilight (Hathaway Series #3)

Tempt Me at Twilight - Lisa Kleypas

Love, love, love this book! I'm so glad I bought it! Every novel in the Hathaway series so far has made me feel so happy after reading it.

Reading how Harry was never loved made me feel so sympathetic for him. His transformation into someone who is capable of being loving was great to see.

Poppy, I loved her too! She is definitely a strong woman. I liked how she was intelligent and not afraid to speak out. One scene that comes to mind was the one right before her and Harry's wedding ceremony in which she had decide whether to marry Harry after finding out that he was responsible for ruining her chances with Michael. I liked the way she handled herself in that tough situation, and I thought she was very much in control even though marrying Harry was pretty much her only choice.

I just loved the way Poppy and Harry connected together. I never saw Harry as a "villain" as he saw himself. He was a bit of a jerk for sabotaging Poppy's previous relationship, but once he opened himself up to her, he turned out to be a good guy with a heart.

Favorite heroes in Hathaway series (so far):
1. Cam
2. Harry
3. Merripen

Source: Bought from used bookstore.

Favorite Quotes:

Harry'a blood quickened as lurid images filled his mind...her against him, beneath him. That smiling mouth, his alone, her whispers curling into his ear. Her skin, soft and ivory pale in the darkness. Skin heated by skin, sensation emerging as he touched her.

She was worth anything, he thought, even giving up the last remnants of his soul.


"You won't kiss me for diamonds," he said, his voice slightly raspy, "but you will for chocolates?"

Poppy nodded.