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Undead and Uneasy (Undead, #6)

Undead and Uneasy  - MaryJanice Davidson

I was very disappointed by book five so I was a little worried about number six as I got into it. Luckily, it's much better since more important and interesting things happen. For instance, everyone around Betsy seems to be disappearing, and Betsy is forced to do a bit of sleuthing on her own.

The pacing of the plot, however, felt like it was moving at a snail's pace until the climax where everything after that is resolved super fast. I was annoyed how only a few pages were spent on Betsy and Sinclair's wedding since it was one of the big moments the books were building up to. I know this series isn't meant to be deep literature or anything, and it's nice that the books are fast and easy to read, but I think if the author fleshed them out a little bit more, it could have been so much better.