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Secrets, Volume 6: The Best in Women's Erotic Romance

Secrets: Volume 6 - Angela Knight, MaryJanice Davidson, Alice Gaines, Sandy Fraser

The first story in this anthology is "Flint's Fuse" by Sandra Fraser. I didn't like this one, because I just couldn't buy into the premise of the story. A father hires a man to kidnap his daughter, and the daughter falls in love with the kidnapper? Yeah... I just can't get that. It's also weird how the daughter suddenly craves sex from her kidnapper.
Rating: One star - Really poor. Did not care for the story or characters at all.

"Love's Prisoner" by MaryJanice Davidson is the second story. This story is the reason why I read the book in the first place since it's connected to Davidson's Undead series. I rate "Love's Prisoner" as just okay. The sex scenes were well written and pretty hot, but the context they were in was disturbing, because the werewolf essentially forces the woman to have sex with him and at one point, he uses sex as a punishment on her. But as disturbing as that was, I can sort of let it go since it's supposed to be a part of the werewolf culture. It could have been handled a lot better though if the story was longer so that the main couple's relationship had more time to develop. It felt like it went too fast for a woman to fall in love with a guy, werewolf or not, that forced her to have sex with him.
Rating: Two stars - Hot scenes and story is interesting, but I could see it working better if it was longer.

The third story is Alicia Gaines's "The Education of Miss Felicity." I really liked this one, because I'm a sucker for romps in a Victorian setting. The plot, though, is a bit bland since it's just about a woman who wants to learn how to please a man since she's about to be married. She goes to Dr. Slade who knows everything about loving and teaches her the ways.
Rating: Three stars - A bit so-so but gets the job done.

The last story, "A Candidate for the Kiss" by Angela Knight is particularly interesting since the male lead is a vampire working as a secret agent for the government. The love-making scenes are also just incredibly sexy.
Rating: Three stars - Good. It's hard to go wrong with a seductive vampire, and the author puts an interesting spin on it.

Overall, I give Secrets, Volume 6 three stars. I'll be checking out other volumes in the future.