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Catching Fire (Hunger Games Series #2)

Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins

I just don't get why people love this series. I'll admit the first book is pretty good despite the problems it had, but the second book... I can't look past the faults. The thing that bugged me the most is that Peeta and Katniss have to go through yet another round of the Hunger Games. It makes it feel like a repeat of the first book and makes it seem like the author took the easy way out on this. It would have been a heck of a lot more interesting to have Katniss run away and help start a rebellion rather than just stand by and in the end go oh... I've become these people's mockingjay (the symbol of the rebellion). It would have been quite a task for Katniss to run away, but at least it would have been something different and seemingly productive.

The pacing of the book was also strange. The first half of the book felt sluggish and was basically a set up to the second Hunger Games tournament that Katniss has to go to. At first, I didn't mind the slow pacing, because I thought we would be getting to learn more about the other districts and see what they're like, but no, the author decides to speed it up and condense that trip by just summarizing what happens in order keep the book moving towards the tournament. As you can tell, the second tournament was such a letdown for me. It's just so unnecessary.

The characters themselves needed more depth. I was bothered by Katniss the most. I thought she awesome in the first book being kickass and whatnot, but I found her annoying in this one. One reason I think is due is to how she was still thinking during the Games that people were trying to deceive her and she was still trying to plan ways to kill them before they kill her. I understand that she's in the mental state of trying to survive, but you would think she would learn by now not to react immediately like that. I thought it was stupid that she couldn't see the clues that some people were actually on her side and were trying to help her. The only characters I genuinely liked were Peeta and Cinna. But then again, there's hardly a contrast between Peeta and Gale, which is lazy on the author's part. I think I only like Peeta more, because we know more about him than Gale, and of course, Cinna has to be beaten up and dragged to somewhere unknown.

The writing is also a problem. It’s easy to get into, but it's mediocre. Sometimes the author barely gives enough detail, making it hard to picture what's going on. I also thought it was also cheap to have a cliffhanger at the end of almost every chapter. It started to feel like a tool the author uses to keep the reader going. By the time I got to the ending, I wasn't surprised by the cliffhanger at all since I guess I saw it coming.