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Vesper - Jeff Sampson

Why did I read this?
I got this book in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway, and I was really excited that I won a copy. The cover is eye-catching (the colors!), and the summary sounded interesting as well.

I just couldn't really care for the characters. The main character, Emily Webb, is supposed to be a geek, but all the author really does is namedrop movies and tv shows to show Emily's geekiness. I also didn't like the personality that she transforms into at night. She is more confident and strong, which is cool, but all she really does is be wild and boy crazy.

The supporting characters aren't any better. Most of the time they're conveniently not there. For instance, I thought it was weird how Emily's family wasn't keeping a close eye on her even though she keeps acting strangely and out of character.

The only thing I liked is the plot even though it's pretty slow. It's mildly interesting, but not much happens until the end when something exciting finally occurs. I also didn't like how it was told in first person from Emily's view. There's just too much thinking in the narrative that it slows the story down.

I did not like this book. It has a good idea going, but it still needs work especially in the characterization department. If a sequel does come out for this, I wouldn't be interested in buying it. I'll just check it out of the library.

Edit: 2/25/11 Upped it to two stars. Looking back on this, I feel like it wasn't that bad but still not that good either.