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Secrets, Volume 8: The Best in Women's Sensual Fiction

Secrets: Volume 8 - MaryJanice Davidson, Jeanie Cesarini, Alice Gaines, Liz Maverick

Secrets, Volume 8 contains 4 short stories. There is no particular theme that links them together, but they are all erotic romances.

"Taming Kate" has a western theme and is about a woman who finds out that she has inherited a brothel in Love, Nevada. I found it a bit boring, and it was unrealistic to me how Kate is persuaded to run the brothel after having sex with the local cowboy hottie. (He "tames" her just as the title says.)
1 star.

"Jared's Wolf" is a paranormal romance with werewolves. Jared believes one of the Wyndham werewolves killed his sister and is out to seek revenge. He runs into, Moira, one of the werewolves, and falls in love in her not knowing that she is a part of the pack. I liked how there is some action, and Moira does kick butt. The personalities of the characters were a bit exaggerated though.
2 stars.

"My Champion, My Love" takes place in a Victorian setting. This is my favorite out of the four even though the plot is weak and isn't exciting at all. It's basically about a woman who has been sent to a psychiatric institution, because she likes sex, which is taboo for women at the time, and she needs a "champion" (a man) to get her out. There really isn't much to it, but I still liked it for what it was.
2 stars.

"Kiss or Kill" is a science fiction romance. Although I do appreciate an actual plot in erotic stories, I didn't understand the plot of this one since the futuristic setting isn't explained well. I also found the robo guy abusive. For one, he gives Camille a concussion during their fight, and nothing is made out this since apparently it's ok to knock someone out as long as you did it out of love.
1.5 stars.