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Across the Universe

Across the Universe - Beth Revis

Source: library

Review: Not horrible, but I didn't like it. First off, I couldn't sympathize with Amy. She was whiny, and it's weird to me that the main person she misses is her boyfriend who likely cheated on her. What about her friends and her extended family? She's been frozen for 250 years so everyone she knew on Earth is dead. You would think she would have at least thought about that. It's also odd how she only cares more about her dad (ugh she still calls him "daddy") than about her mom. There was nothing shown to indicate that she had a closer relationship with her dad than her mom before they were frozen so to me, she should have been equally worried about both of them being killed.

Speaking of her parents, it seems like they basically abandoned their daughter for their jobs on the new planet. You think they would have thought about this a long time and talk about it with their daughter before they made this life-changing decision and discuss whether she should come along with them or not. That is, they should have all this planned out instead of seemingly doing it on the spot like in the first chapter. It was also really odd the way Amy's parents would let their daughter see them become frozen. That's trauma for her right there. To me, chapter 1 was purposely written just to scare the reader with all the needles, tubes, nakedness, parents getting frozen before your eyes and whatnot. This could have been done in a better, more subtle way.

Elder... I didn't care for him. There's nothing remotely interesting about him. He's just there to be a boy that's the same age as Amy and to be the next leader in line. I found it annoying how he instantly became obsessed with Amy. The romance isn't a huge focus, but it's still there and it's annoying, because it feels like it's just there, because this is a young adult novel. In my opinion, the novel would have been better without it.

I did like the setting of the spaceship although I could not buy the science that is behind it. There are buildings and farms on it? Whaat? I also see from other reviews that people were bothered about the Season, which I can understand. Not everybody is comfortable reading about couples having mindless sex out in the open. As for me, I like reading erotic novels so I don't have a problem with the idea itself. I do however don't get how anyone on a spaceship would come up with that idea to prevent incest in the first place. Incest is bad because of recessive diseases, and it seems to me, that they have the technology on the ship to fix this or at least map out people's DNA to prevent this? Population genetics aren't my strong suit (sorry!), but the point is, I don't buy into the idea that a leader would put hormones into the water to create an orgy and have people on the ship mindlessly have sex with one another. There are easier and more reasonable ways to prevent these genetic diseases. Plus, it seems like a way the author can have Amy rescued from being raped, which I thought was a weak way to create emotional trauma for the character. Again, there are better ways. Amy is already on a spaceship after being frozen for 250 years. Her life is already turned upside down.

Oh yeah, and the plot twists? I have to say that I wasn't surprised. I liked them for what they were, but the author seriously needs to be more subtle in her hints and foreshadowing. I also didn't like how the conflict was too black and white.

Overall, I liked the premise, but the execution is poor. There was a lot of potential here for a good young adult science fiction novel. Too bad it didn't live up to the hype. The sequel will be near the bottom of my to-read list just so I can see where the story is heading.