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Wings (Laurel Series #1)

Wings - Aprilynne Pike

I admit the take on fairies actually being plants is interesting, but I just could not like this book. As someone who is working on earning their biology degree, I was really annoyed how biology had to be dragged into a crappy book like this. Like Twilight, the heroine in this book meets her love interest in a biology class. Okaaay. At least, this time around the love interest, David, seems to be somewhat of a science geek, which is cool. He even has his own microscope, but my god, he is such a pushover. He falls for Laurel the moment he meets her and from thereon just pretty much does what she asks.

You can also see through David's scientific moments, that the author hasn't it done her research. For instance, there is this part where David explains how this piece of tissue that Laurel gave him (it's from the petal that grew out of her back) is from a plant. He says it's because plant cells are more orderly and square. Erm, no. One way to determine whether a sample of cells came from an animal or plant is to see whether they cell walls, because animal cells do not have them. You can also see whether the cells have a large vacuole, because that is a unique characteristic of plant cells. That's basic biology right there.

It's also messed up how this book presents beauty. The fairies are beautiful, because they have symmetrical features while the trolls (the bad guys) are ugly, because they have asymmetrical features. Whaaaaat? That's just shallow right there, and I hated how the author had to bring in evolution into it. Isn't beauty subjective?

All in all, the biggest downfall of this book is how similar to Twilight it is. If it was something different and didn't have a Bella-like heroine, shallow characters, and a forced love triangle, this book might have had a chance of being good.