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Ready or Not: An All-American Girl Novel

Ready or Not - Meg Cabot

I read the first book All-American Girl and wasn't impressed by it. It was only good for a fast, fluffy read. Nothing more. The sequel, Ready or Not is the same.

Personally, I wasn't offended like some people by the sex talk and whatnot. It's nice that the author addressed safe measures like condoms and spermicide. It's strange though how she picked this topic for the sequel, because I wasn't expecting that after reading All-American Girl.

I think the main problem with the novel was that it focused solely on Samantha and whether or not she was ready to have sex with her boyfriend. Seriously, the entire book has Samantha freaking out about it, and at end when she finally decides not to have sex, she's aroused by the sight of David and suddenly changes her mind and they do it anyway. That was weird.

The only part I genuinely liked was how Lucy moved on from Jack and developed a crush on Harold, who is a computer geek. I thought that was cute.