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Sucker Bet (Vegas Vampires Series #4)

Sucker Bet - Erin McCarthy

This one was better than the third and pretty much on par with book one and book two. It's a good fluffy paranormal romance to pass the time. I did have some problems with it though. It all mostly has to do with the ending. For one, I didn't like how Kelsey ends back with Ringo. I was glad when she left him near the beginning of the novel, because this guy was willing to prostitute her in order to save his neck after he stole some drug blood (blood that has heroin in it). However, they do end up back together in the end. Kelsey saves Ringo's life, but I didn't understand why she wanted to be with him after the way he has treated her throughout these novels.

I also didn't like how Nate treated Sasha when he confronted and interrogated her. Here are some quotes when Nate talks to her.


"No, that's not what I was asking. You might have wanted to kill him, but you couldn't have. He was a big guy, and you're so skinny you'll disappear if you turn sideways." Nate pointed to her hands. "And small hands like that could never have choked the life out of a burly guy like your husband."

A page later...


"No one said it was. You're just a mortal, and again, look like you could use a juicy burger or two to boost you past a size zero. You couldn't have done to those boys what I saw. But you know who did." That he was convinced of.

I know Sasha is supposed to be the bad guy, basically the skinny, coldhearted Russian bitch (Yes, a bitch. The characters do think that.), but comments like that on her weight, especially from Nate who is supposed to be a detective, seem really unnecessary and rude, maybe even out of character. That part could have been handled better.

The ending also seemed rushed like the author had to quickly wrap this up before the book reached 300 pages. I thought the beginning and middle of the novel was really good with Gwenna meeting Nate and the mystery of the murdered members of the slayers loop. Yet once Nate got shot and Gwenna turned him into a vampire and everything started to unravel, the book started to go downhill. I thought the reason and the people behind the murders was unimpressive. I'm not going to go into detail, but it involves Sasha and one the members of the vampire band, which was odd. Everything was also wrapped up easily and quickly. For instance, Gwenna took the vampire slayers down very easily after all this buildup.