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Marked (House of Night Series #1)

Marked (House of Night Series #1) -

Wow. This book. I can’t believe someone looked at this and thought this was worth publishing, because it’s horrible.

First of all, Zoey Redbird is a mary-sue. This novel takes place over the course of a few days, and in that time, she gained a group of best friends, snagged the evil queen bee’s boyfriend, triumphed over said evil queen bee, and received more powers. Even more annoying was how characters would outright say over and over that she's ‘oh so special’ and ‘oh so unique’. I honestly rolled my eyes every time they did.

Worst of all, Zoey is super judgmental of everyone. She’ll pretty much call a girl a slut for wearing lipstick. Furthermore, there is so much slut shaming in this book that it’s pretty clear that the authors are trying to push a message down the reader’s throats. While I was reading, I marked down some pages as evidence for that and for some other issues.

pg 174-175:
"So my best friend was going after my boyfriend. Now that pissed me off, and for a second I wished it wasn’t such a nice warm night. I wished it was cold and Kayla would freeze her over-developed boobies right off."

This is how Zoey sees her former best friend. Okay, I understand she would be mad, but who would wish that? It just seems like more slut shaming from the authors.

pg 176:
On this page Zoey’s ex-best friend, Kayla, talks about how some girls at their school are smoking pot and that this one girl got her tongue and clit pierced. (Yeah, the book has the word clit, but the character doesn't say it, just mouths it. Dirty word, I guess.) More slut shaming really.

pg 177:
"She shrugged one shoulder so that her jacket fell open and I could see the thin strap of the cami slip down her shoulder, making it clear she wasn’t wearing a bra."

Again, another observation Zoey makes on her ex-best friend. I thought this came out of nowhere. The authors are really going for the ‘Look at this girl. She’s such a slut.’ here.

pg 189:
"(Entranced—hee hee—he actually said entranced.)"

Zoey is so mature.

pg 191:
"What he was saying was banging through my head like the annoying, too-loud music that blared in Wet Seal, and I grasped the first thing I could think clearly about."

Just thought it was weird to reference Wet Seal. Is it really necessary here? There’s also a number of pop culture references, and they don’t do any good for the book.

pg 198:
Zoey tells her new group of friends that her ex-best friend, Kayla, is after her ex-boyfriend. Immediately, Stevie Ray calls Kayla a slut.

pg 199:
Zoey says Aphrodite looked like a ho compared to Neferet.

pg 208:
"Wasp was nowhere to be seen (maybe she’d taken a shower this morning and melted when the water touched her—hee hee)."

Ugh. I hated Zoey's parenthetical statements in general. Hee hee's or no hee hee's.

pg 255:
"As my sense started to return to me I realized that I was totally smushed against him and that I'd been standing there in front of the dorm making out like a slut."

Really now...

pg 278:
"Tonight she had on an antique-looking red silk dress that fit her as if it had been painted on. I’d like to know just exactly where she got her clothes. Goth ho store?"

Zoey here is talking about how Aphrodite is dressed. Yep.

pg 279:
"Aphrodite’s laugh was way too sexual to be appropriate, and I swear she touched herself. Right there in front of everyone. Jeesh, she was nasty."

What. How can a laugh be sexual? Authors are trying hard to paint Aphrodite as a slut.

So yeah. There is a lot of slut shaming in this one. Plus, I can't tell how many times Zoey and her friends call Aphrodite and her gang 'hags'.