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A Date with the Other Side

A Date with the Other Side - Erin McCarthy

First thing, this is a contemporary romance with a side of paranormal activity. The title refers to how this is a city boy meeting a country girl romance rather than a paranormal romance. The only supernatural element in this book are ghosts, and they only play a minor role by playing matchmaker. They do this by trapping the main couple in rooms and throwing objects around.

Eh... I'm not sure what to say about this one. The story was amusing and cute, sometimes silly. I also like McCarthy's writing style. It's easy to read through.

I guess my problem is that there isn't much substance to this book, and the characters are kinda dumb. I admit I like fluffy, light romances, but I want them to at least have a good fleshed out plot and characters, which this novel falls short of. I could not understand why Shelby, the main heroine, wanted to stay in the small town even after Boston confesses that he loves her and offers to her to come with him to Chicago. I was hoping she would go to the city. She could have found a better job or start taking college courses. You know, just make something out herself other than being a haunted house tour guide, a job that barely makes enough money to even feed herself. Heck, even Shelby's grandmother wanted her to get out, because she knows that there isn't much left for Shelby in Cuttersville. But no, the author has it so that the hero, Boston, marries Shelby and moves to Cuttersville. I had a feeling this would happen, but I was really hoping it would be the other way around. The way the author has it makes seem like Shelby takes the easy way out. She gets the love of her life without making any sacrifices or facing any challenges.

Boston isn't a great character either. He's nothing other than an ideal romantic hero, which I don't mind. I just don't understand what he sees in Shelby, because he becomes way too good for her. At one point, he offered to help pay for college classes if she married him and came to Chicago, and she turns him down even though she loves him too. I also really don't understand why Shelby would want to go back to her ex-husband and marry him other than it being an easy way to get what she wants (children) and move on with her life without any confrontations.

I would not recommend this book as something to buy and keep on your bookshelf. If you really want to read it, check it out of the library.