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Fury (Fury (Hardcover - Trilogy))

Fury - Elizabeth  Miles

I finished it so that's one good thing since I've been dropping a lot of YA books lately. It also has a gorgeous cover with a beautiful model, but that's a trend in YA these days to attract readers so that's not saying anything.

There basically was a good idea here with the Furies in a modern setting (I didn't know about them beforehand so it's a refreshing concept to me.) but with bad execution. At its core, it's just another YA book about shallow teenagers, which I'm quickly growing tired reading of.

Some things that bothered me:

There's an abundance of underage drinking and references to sex. While these are problems teenagers are still facing today, the book doesn't tackle these issues. To me, it seems like the author used those things to make the story edgy and nothing much else. It was really weird the way the characters would casually have a brandy.

Bullying is also in this novel so words like slut and faggot pop up, but again, it seems to be there for the shock factor, and I'm not comfortable with that. Again, to me, the author included those things, just because that's what teenagers say when they bully someone and that's it. There isn't any deeper understanding or some kind of context that this kind of thing is unacceptable. I guess what I'm trying to say in regards to the underage drinking, sex, and bullying is that I would like to have seen the author handle these issues more purposefully than just for making her characters act like teenagers, if that makes any sense.

The three girls who were the Furies were always described as beautiful. Sometimes they acted creepy, but they were always, always described as beautiful, which is boring.

The Furies themselves felt like they were underused. It was odd to me how they were only picking on these two pathetic, shallow teenagers when there were other characters doing bad things as well. Zach is the one person that comes to mind since he cheated on his girlfriend, and all he wants to do is get into a girl's pants. Maybe he gets his punishment in the next novel, but I hate it when a story is clearly stretched out to make more books and more moolah, especially when the first book could really use some improvement.

The protagonists, like I said before, are just two pathetic, shallow teenagers. I wasn't sympathetic for neither of them for being targeted by the Furies, but I have to say, that Chase was a better developed character than Em. He at least had a history and reasons for doing the things he did. Em is just a weakling and makes excuses for herself.

A character came out of nowhere near the end conveniently knowing all about the Furies when Em almost died. Ugh.

Parents are absent throughout the novel. It was annoying how every time Em wanted to leave the house she was like "Okay, bye Mom!" and her mom would just say, "Okay, see you later! Be careful!" That's too convenient.