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Second Chance (An Erotic Gay Male Romance Short)

Second Chance - Selena Kitt

I thought this short story started out well enough. I liked the mystery involving the biker dude buying the same thing everyday. I also liked the attraction between Ty and Jonah even though it was mostly sexual. The emotional back stories they have were a plus.

It's just too bad that this is really short. The story ended way too soon and just as when I was getting invested into the characters' relationship. In my Kindle app, the story ended at 65%, and the other 35% was dedicated to excerpts from the author's other works. That annoyed me.

The reveal about Jonah's purchases wasn't anything too surprising. The beef jerky and Cracker Jacks are just snacks, and the crayons were for Jonah's daughter. He buys crayons, because his daughter doesn't want broken ones, and he brings them to her at school during lunch time, because it's the only way he can spend more time with her since he can only see her one weekend a month.