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The Royal Treatment

The Royal Treatment - MaryJanice Davidson

One big problem I had with this book was the main female character, Christina. I could not understand why in the world the Alaskan Royals wanted her to be Queen, because she is simply obnoxious and rude. The king meets her on a fishing boat, and he immediately likes her just because she's unconventional and thinks she would be perfect for his son, Prince David. Prince David also immediately likes her and agrees to marry her right then and there.... You see how bad this is turning out?

I was hoping as I was reading there would be at least some development in Christina and David's relationship, like getting to know each other, falling in love, you know, that kind of thing? That isn't found here. They have sex with each other a few times, have a wedding, have more sex, and hey, they are one happy couple. Ugh. I also couldn't stand how Christina is always crass when she's around David and the Royals. It's like she had no respect for them.

The only thing that kept me reading was for the plot, but near the end I was basically skimming. Nothing surprising happens. I liked the idea of Alaska being a country, but the author hardly makes use of it. It's basically only a backdrop.

I strongly do not recommend this series.