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Yu-Gi-Oh! Volume 7

Yu-Gi-Oh!, Vol. 7: Monster World - Kazuki Takahashi

The whole volume is centered on the Monster World tabletop rpg that began in the previous volume. The author does a good job of making it interesting, but there are some cheesy moments, because the theme for fighting for your friends is really pushed here. For instance, Dark Yugi channels his friend's faith into his hand before he rolls the dice.

There is one gory scene, however, that surprised me: Dark Bakura stabs his left hand with one of the towers on castle in the rpg game. It's not too bloody of a scene, but you see it go right through his hand.

In contrast, I thought the ending was cute with Bakura making a memento of their friendship using their figures from the rpg. It's definitely a nice way to end the original series.