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Yu-Gi-Oh! the Duelist: v. 1 (Yu-GI-Oh! Duelist)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist, Vol. 1: Duelist Kingdom - Kazuki Takahashi

Good start to the Duelist series. Compared to vol. 1 of the original series, it's amazing to see how much the art has improved. The character designs are cleaner, sharper, and closer to the familiar Yu-Gi-Oh! style. The pages aren't as crowded with panels, making the story's pacing better.

I think I like the Duel Monsters story better than the episodic format of the first series, which featured a new kind of game in almost every chapter, because the games got a little boring for me, and I like how Duel Monsters has a overarching plot. I wouldn't say this manga is for everyone though, because right down to it it's about people playing card games. There's a plot, because Yugi has to save his grandpa and there's a mystery behind the Millennium items, but most of the chapters (at least in this volume) are dedicated to characters dueling each other in a card game.