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Cupid Cats

Cupid Cats (Dark Ones #7.5 - Katie MacAlister, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Connie Brockway

From the summary, I was expecting to read some cute romances that involved people adopting cats and through some kitty antics, end up falling in love. This wasn't exactly the case, but I wasn’t completely disappointed.

Unleashed by Katie MacAlister is the first story in the anthology. I was surprised when it turned out to be a paranormal romance. The female protagonist, who is a wildlife officer, gets a call that there’s a cougar or some kind of big cat in Cupid Cats Shelter. She goes in there and finds a black jaguar and soon learns that the jaguar is actually a vampire that got turned into the animal by a spell. From there, the story does get a little crazy, because more paranormal creatures show up, and this clearly is a part of an already established series, which I haven't read yet. Fortunately, this short story stands up well by itself. I did have a some trouble keeping up with some of the vocabulary though. Vampires are called moravians and there are terms for different shapeshifters: weres and thermions.

Overall, I thought it was neat that the main female character ends up being turned into a lion shapeshifter, and yes, she does end up with were-jaguar guy so I guess she did adopt a cat in her own way.

Rating: ★★★

The second story is Cat Scratch Fever by Connie Brockway. I loved this one, and in my opinion, is the best out of the three. I loved how Edith, the main female character, is a socially awkward genius and genetic scientist. She is a well-developed character. It felt like she was her own person and wasn’t just a love interest for the guy. I liked reading the parts that were from her perspective, and there were some funny quotes in there (see my status updates). I also loved Jim, the male protagonist. I loved how he fell in love with her personality and how he thought she was hot just by being her usual awkward self. I thought it was cute that he was attracted to her even when she was wearing a t-shirt and capris, because it’s nice to read in a story that a woman doesn’t have to dress up in order to be attractive.

Cats do play some part of the story. Jim's daughter thinks that the cat at Cupid Cats shelter is the same cat as her deceased mom's. She wants to adopt the cat, but the cat won't leave the shelter. Therefore, the daughter wants to spend time at the shelter so the cat will get used to her and hopefully go home with her. The shelter is ran by Edith so she and Jim grow closer to each other while he's visiting with his daughter.

Rating: ★★★★

I thought the third story, A Cat’s Game, by Vicki Lewis Thompson was the weakest. There were some problems for me in the beginning, because I thought the main characters, Kate and Jon, jumped a little too quickly into each other's pants for my taste given their situation. But what I really didn’t like was how Kate completely changed in the end so she can be with Jon. The readers learn that her parents were famous celebrities, and she hated being in the media’s spotlight. Ok, right. Jon is a famous actor and is a target of the paparazzi. That's why she broke up with him in high school in the first place, because the media was going after him during prom. Got it. Yet in the end, she drops everything, goes to L.A. to meet up with Jon and while she’s waiting for him to finish up a scene for a film, she’s chatting it up with his fans. Whaat? She also announces their relationship in front of the huge fan group. Whaat? I thought that was extremely weird for her to do that. There should have been a compromise at least like trying to keep their relationship on the down low, because it seemed so out of character for her to do that.

There were some cute and funny cat moments in the story though. For instance, the cat Kate adopted from a Cupid Cats shelter likes to be on the leash and go for walks. The cat also caused trouble for Kate and Jon by climbing up a tree and then onto the roof of the house when a storm was coming in.

Rating: ★★

As a whole, I give the anthology three stars. The only story that's worth reading is Cat Scratch Fever, but the others are good if you need something to past the time.