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The Ruthless Marriage Proposal (Harlequin Presents)

The Ruthless Marriage Proposal - Miranda Lee

It started out ok but went downhill, especially towards the end.

I think it all has to do with how this book upholds the "nature" of women and men with the ol' women want love and men want sex routine. Here, cheating is presented as an okay thing to do for men, because they can't help it. (Ick.) It was gross that Sebastian had sex with his ex-girlfriend on her wedding day and even more gross that Emily was told by her dad to forgive Sebastian for that, because that's just what men do. (It's also weird how Emily was so open to her dad about her sex life.)

I also didn't like how Sebastian told Emily to calm down when she found out about his little romp with his ex-girlfriend. Plus when she threatens to leave him, he tells her that she's getting too emotional and isn't thinking straight. (Ugh.)

So yeah, by the end of this book I was left with an uncomfortable feeling, because surprise, Emily does forgive Sebastian for his actions and ends up marrying him. Therefore, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone unless you can look past the 'it's okay for men to cheat' belief.