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Ripple - Mandy Hubbard

Boring. Just boring.

The siren mythology is very underused. All the paranormal stuff is secondary to the teen romance, and the teen romance is just another love triangle. Basically, the main character (didn't even remember her name as I read the book because I couldn't care for her) has to choose between two boys. Boy #1 likes her just because and boy #2 claims that he is a nix and is able to break her curse if they fall love. The romance part isn't even that good, because it's oh so predictable.

I didn't like the main character herself that much either. She's suppose to be this smart straight A student, but she doesn't really think about things. For instance, she doesn't give much thought to her mom's diary, the source which reveals that she and her mom are sirens. She only reads some entries from it and never again mentions the diary from that point on. She also barely questions boy #2's claims about breaking the curse. She just takes his word for it. I also hated how she breaks up with boy #1, but as soon as she sees that boy #1 is on a date with another girl, she gets super upset like he just committed a crime against her.