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Fired Waitress, Hired Mistress (Harlequin Presents Extra #119)

Fired Waitress, Hired Mistress - Robyn Grady

The plot is thin in this one, and the synopsis makes it sound a lot more exciting than it is. There isn't anything too scandalous here. Nina is fired from her job because Gabe happened to be the boss of the resort, but she is never hired as his mistress as the title suggests.

In general, I never felt like Nina was ever at some kind risk, because Gabe treats her nicely after he found out that she worked at his resort. Not that I wanted him to be mean to her anything. It's just that there wasn't any huge consequence for Nina not telling Gabe right away who she was. Plus, there wasn't any suspense or excitement to their affair.

The romance as a result is ho-hum. I didn't feel the chemistry between Nina and Gabe. I thought it was nice that they were childhood friends and that Gabe was one of Nina's brother's friends, but I didn't really see any sparks when they discovered that they love each other.