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Angelic Layer: v. 2 (Angelic Layer (Tokyopop))

Angelic Layer, Vol. 02 - CLAMP

The Angelic Layer tournament continues!

Like in volume 1, a lot of speed lines are used in the battles so it's not easy to see how the dolls are moving, but an upside to the manga is that the battles are over pretty quickly. I remember from watching the anime that each battle lasts about 1 to 2 episodes long so at least with the manga, the story moves faster and isn't bogged down by the doll fights.

One thing I didn't like about this volume was the perv jokes.They're very subtle and there's only a few, but there's this one where Ohjiro tries to distract Misaki by asking her if her "panties are white with orange stripes." I realize that's suppose to be a light hearted joke, because Misaki gets flustered and panics and Ohjiro is able to make his get away.... but to me, it just seems inappropriate (and icky) for this kind of manga which seems to aim at a general audience. A better joke could have been put there.

Overall, I like the cheery tone of the manga. There's no angst here. It's fun seeing Misaki battling her way through the tournament and making friends along the way.