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Angelic Layer: v. 3 (Angelic Layer (Tokyopop))

Angelic Layer, Vol. 03 - CLAMP

There is a nice break from the Angelic Layer tournament in the beginning of the volume. Misaki hangs out with Koutarou and goes over to his family's dojo to watch him do some karate so she can get some ideas for fighting moves. During this, some light romance starts to bloom, and you can tell Misaki and Koutarou have some feelings towards each other.

There are then three doll battles in this volume, and they are a bit more interesting and exciting since the opponents are stronger and trickier. I especially liked the battle between Shirahime and and Suzuka, because it was over in one move.

The art is cute as always, and I have to say that I really liked the designs of the opponents' dolls, namely Shirahime. She is gorgeous.