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Alice (Modern Wicked Fairy Tales)

Alice (Modern Wicked Fairy Tales) - Selena Kitt

I'm disappointed that I didn't like this one. A BDSM Alice in Wonderland type of story would have been awesome to read. Unfortunately, the execution here is not really good.

The writing to me seems unpolished. There were a number of awkward sentences, and I also noticed a typo on one of the character's names. It said "Mattie," instead of "Maddie."

Story wise, I think the beginning was a little rocky. The transition from a modern setting to a fantasy setting in an underground Wonderland style BDSM world wasn't very smooth.

The author does a nice job of referencing Alice in Wonderland, but overall, I was confused by the story. It was odd to me that Wade made Alice go through this weird setup to get her to commit to him. I was also really confused whether Alice's experience in Wonderland was real or not, and that ultimately made me dissatisfied with the story.

Favorite quote:

Love made her do things she never would have considered before. Love was silk and softness, but love was also leather and the bite of a riding crop and Wade’s commands.