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Angelic Layer: v. 4 (Angelic Layer (Tokyopop))

Angelic Layer, Vol. 04 - CLAMP

This volume felt short for some reason. Might be since there are only two doll battles, but the manga is moving steadily forward in terms of the story. The first chapter of this volume held an exciting conclusion to the battle against Lady Sai and her angel, Shirahime. Misaki finally figures out Hikaru's weak spot, but it's nothing extraordinary. It's more like common sense if you think about the disadvantages of being a lightweight.

The second battle is near towards the end of the volume and is against Ohjiro, and his angel, Wizard. I didn't like this fight, because it's not drawn really well. I know I've been saying over and over in my Angelic Layer reviews how CLAMP doesn't do a good job drawing the doll battles, but it is one of manga's big flaws. The anime does a way better job showcasing the battles, and in the fight against Wizard, it's easier to see what's happening. (Although in the anime, I think Misaki uses a different tactic to get past Wizard's shield.)

I thought the extra chapter "Misaki's Diary" was pretty cute. You can definitely tell here that Misaki has a crush on Koutarou.