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Overtime in the Boss's Bed (Harlequin Presents Extra #107)

Overtime in the Boss's Bed - Nicola Marsh

The romance didn't work for me here. I liked Starr's and Callum's back stories, but when they get together, there's nothing special about it. I didn't feel any chemistry or passion, and their romance seems a little forced.

I guess I wasn't convinced that they were falling in love. There weren't many concrete events to show them falling in love with each other. Starr and Callum go on dates, yes, but the author summarizes what happens in a couple of sentences and moves on with story. The interaction we do mostly get to see is them kissing and having sex. But for the majority of the book, the characters are by themselves thinking how they feel about getting into this relationship and whether they want it or not.

Favorite Quote:

Nothing like a roomful of semi-naked guys to get a girl's mind off the fact she was jobless, homeless and penniless.