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A Different Angle

A Different Angle - Selena Kitt

Teacher-student erotica is becoming a favorite of mine. It's a taboo subject of course, and I like reading taboo erotica, but I am new to the genre (just started reading this year) so I'm still pinpointing my tastes and exploring what is out there.

Anyway, I've read Kitt's other erotic student-teacher tale, Paperback Romance, and I enjoyed it despite its flaws. I thought it was a cute erotic romance, even though I thought the romance part was kind of weak.

A Different Angle isn't as romantic, which I didn't mind. I liked the story for the most part. Basically, Cat has to go to a tutor, because she's having trouble in geometry, but she soon finds herself wanting the tutor more than the tutoring. I thought Cat was a convincing eighteen year old, and I liked how the tutor, David, was British. (Knickers, ha.) It had some flaws though. Mainly, the relationship was rushed. I would have liked to have seen more build-up to the sexy time part, more tension. And this might seem nit-picky, but I didn't like how Cat was having so much trouble understanding something as basic as the Pythagorean theorem. I would rather have it been proofs or finding angles on right triangles using sines and cosines, because I know those can be difficult.

I think the writing was the big factor which prevented me from liking this more. It just... It needs work. The sentences are clunky and worded awkwardly at times.

Favorite quote:

"But David…don't you…you don't want me?" Her voice was very small.

He groaned, dropping his forehead to touch hers. "You have no idea how much, girl, and how long… no idea!" He closed his eyed and drew a deep, shaky breath. "Bloody hell! Do you know the amount of self-restraint I have to maintain around you? Your flashing eyes, your bouncing little curls, the curve of your neck, your cheeky smile, the way you pout and fight and spit…my god, you are just like a little cat sometimes, all sleek and purring."

She was blushing now, still shaking her head. "I don't understand. So you do want me?"

"Want you?" He groaned again, pressing his hips against her thigh, and she could feel him through his jeans, a clear pronouncement. "Do you feel that? That's all you, Catherine. Since the very first day you walked into my flat… bending over to get another biscuit with your knickers showing under your skirt… "