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Angelic Layer: v. 5 (Angelic Layer (Tokyopop))

Angelic Layer, Vol. 05 - CLAMP

The last volume, yay! I felt like Misaki defeated Arisu and her angel, Alice, too easily though. But hey, of course she's gonna win.

And speaking of Alice, I love her design. She's so cute with her bunny ears.

However, I gotta say that the anime has a better ending since they handled the situation between Misaki and her mom differently. The explanation in the manga why Misaki's mom, Shuuko, couldn't stay with Misaki is weak. She moved away from her daughter, because she's too shy when she loves someone? Er, what? The anime has a more reasonable explanation. I don't want to spoil anything, but I'll say that Shuuko in the anime is in a wheelchair and there's a link between her medical condition and Angelic Layer. I also like how in the anime, there is more of an emotional teary moment between mom and daughter. In the manga, there are no tears. Misaki annoyingly just stays cheerful and accepts her mom the way she is, and overall, they treat Shuuko's condition like it's no big deal, like it's a cute thing, and hope that she will get over it by having her live with her sister and daughter. 

So my verdict: Go with the anime. The story and characters are more detailed and fleshed out. The doll battles are more exciting, because you can follow the action better, and to top it off, the ending is more satisfying.

I'm not saying that the manga is horrible. It's cute, and it has a fun story, but in comparison to the anime, it's not as good.

3 out of 5

Favorite Quote:

Icchan: Are you telling me you're so shy, you're embarrassed to speak to your own daughter? Is that it?
Shuuko: It's my big flaw. The m-more I love a person, the more n-nervous they m-make me.