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Rowena's Ghostly Ménage

Rowena's Ghostly Ménage - Berengaria Brown

This one felt kind of pointless. I thought the plot was okay, but there was no suspense or rising action in it. It was very straightforward and flat. When the ghost popped up, the characters weren't really spooked, and they agreed right away to do the favor he asks. The sex scenes weren't good either.

I definitely recommend skipping this one.

1 out 5

Better ghostly menages:
A Ghostly Ménage by Eve Langlais
Ghostly Ménage by Alysha Ellis
Spirit's Release by Téa Trelawny - Not a menage, but uses the same idea of sexual energy manifesting a ghost.

Favorite Quote:

Electrical storms give me energy, so maybe sex gives me energy, too.

That's kind of a leap there...