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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, Vol. 3 (Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Adventure!)

Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, Vol. 3 - Shigekatsu Ihara

This installment of Diamond and Pearl Adventure focuses on Hareta fighting Team Galactic at Lake Valor. I didn't like this volume as much as 1 and 2, and it mostly has to do with Hareta. He's too strong and too special. I find it kinda annoying, because you got all these cool characters, and they all just step back so Hareta can be in the spotlight. For instance, all the gym leaders are at Lake Valor, but they're mostly in the background not doing anything. Sure they help out a little bit, but they pretty much leave the fighting to Hareta, because he's the "strongest."

There's not as many good jokes in this volume to distract me from Hareta.

Some cool Pokemon make an appearance. Gyarados, Deoxys, and Kangaskhan are the notable ones for me.

I didn't like the extra chapter which was centered on Deoxys. It's too preachy with the "Pokemon are our friends!"

2 out of 5

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