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Office Slave

Office Slave - J.W. McKenna

Let me start by saying that if you're not a fan of humiliation/degradation, then stay away from this. Just as the title says, the main character, Ellen, becomes an office slave, and she is used by everyone-- her boss, her coworkers, heck, even the sandwich delivery boy.

With that said, I guess I have a thing for reading about taboo subjects, because I actually liked this. Yes I did. I've read Never Too Late by Chris Snow, which also has a similar theme: a woman becomes a sexual slave for her boss and is used to help please clients. And I liked it even though the way it's written makes it seem very raunchy and more like porn.

Office Slave is also dirty. Probably dirtier than Never Too Late, but it didn't seem like straight-up porn to me, because it has more of a... emotional element to it. The author seems to make an effort to show that Ellen is going through a transformation of becoming less of a person and becoming solely a sex object for the company. She's a well rounded woman in the beginning of the book, but by the end, all she thinks about is sex.

This is also well written. Always a plus.

It's not perfect, though. Ellen's transformation happens pretty quickly, and she gives in a little too easily. But this book strongly held my attention, and I enjoyed every chapter. I think it's a solid read for a someone like me who is relatively new to this genre.

4 out 5

Favorite Quote:

"No, sex is not a sin, my child. It's God's greatest gift to us. And the wearing of jewelry is not a sin, per se. I think, however, that God would prefer you simply had sex the regular way than walk around with, um, devices, you see."

The jewelry he's talking about-- her nipple and clit piercings. Heh.