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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, Volume 4 (Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Adventure!)

Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, Vol. 4 - Shigekatsu Ihara

With this volume, I realize that Mitsumi is a much more interesting character than Hareta. Hareta is a bonehead and is too much of the "chosen one" if you get what I mean. He has a "special bond' with Pokemon and "understands" them and they're his "friends." Bleh. Boring. And I call him a bonehead, because sometimes he'll join in the Pokemon battle so he can fight and help out. To me, that's not valiant, that's reckless. And he doesn't even get injured when he's hit by a super strong Pokemon.

Mitsumi is an awesome character. The big reveal about her past was not a huge shock, but I thought it was a good development since the story needed something besides battles to keep the excitement up.

I thought the extra chapter with Shaymin was cute, but nothing too surprising happens, and I didn't like how Hareta annoys Mitsumi.

2 out of 5

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