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Every book is a new journey to embark on. I mainly read romances, but I dabble in other genres too.

Future Histories: Transgendered Sci-Fi Erotica - Giselle Renarde

I like trying new things so I thought I'd give transgendered erotica a shot.

ToyGirls of the Personal Genome - This one went over my head. I didn't understand what the ToyGirl project was and the science presented along with it. Therefore, the ending revealing the main character's chromosomal sex didn't have have a huge impact on me. I understood what the author was trying to go for though.

The Travesties - I liked this story the best. I thought the idea of humans being able to shift between male and female parts was neat, and I thought the portrayal of the world being repulsed by this and trying to fix the Travesties was believable. The sex scene between the main characters was pretty hot, and yes there was some shifting involved. Downsides to it: it's short, and it leaves on a melancholy note.

They Called Me Hijra - I didn't understand this one either. It had an interesting setting, but there wasn't much of a story.

Overall, the three stories by themselves are pretty weak, but together they make a decent package.

3 out of 5

Favorite Quote:

"That's what I find other people don’t understand: you’re always the same person, whether you’ve got guy parts or girl parts.”