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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, Volume 5 (Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Adventure!)

Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, Vol. 5 - Shigekatsu Ihara

Better volume this time around. Hareta is still annoying as ever, but at least there are things that make up for it:

-Conclusion to Mitsumi and Hareta's battle is intense.
-Woah at Mitsumi wanting to stay behind even though the building is exploding. (She's saved at the last minute by Jun of course, because you know... you can't have people dying like that in a kids comic.)
-So cute when Mitsumi is reunited with her Eevee.
-Piplup evolves into Empoleon. Awesome.
-Dialga shows up. Even more awesome.

I think my big problem with this volume is the conclusion to the battle with Dialga and Palkia, because it is just taken care of too easily. I was definitely expecting something a little more since these are the Pokemon that rule time and space.

Favorite Quote:

Who cares about emotions? They only cause pain!