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A Baumgartner Reunion (Baumgartners, #2)

A Baumgartner Reunion (Baumgartners, #2) - Selena Kitt

I thought this was better than Babysitting the Baumgartners. I liked that there was more of an emotional element to the story. Yes, Ronnie does have sex with all of the Baumgartners, but I liked how the author at least shows that Ronnie loves these people and considers them her family. Showing that Ronnie does care for the Baumgartners actually made the sex scenes steamier for me. I also liked how Ronnie was having second thoughts about the threesome she had with the Baumgartners many years ago and how she struggles with whether or not she wants to open up her marriage so she and her husband can have their own threesome. It added some much needed depth to her character.

There is a hint of incest in the story since Henry, the Baumgartners' son, has a serious crush on his sister. And by serious, I mean he wants to have sex with her. No actual sexual interaction takes place between them though, and Ronnie sort of talks with Henry to straighten him out in a sense. I wasn't bothered by this since I like to push my boundaries, but I'm pointing it out for those who may be squicked by this sort of thing.