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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! Volume 7 (Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Adventure!)

Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, Vol. 7 - Shigekatsu Ihara

Lots of exciting stuff happens in this volume, which is good. Most of it involves Heatran who appears and literally shakes things up. I liked how Minun uses its charm technique on Mars and Mitsumi. That's one of the funnier moments that I remember. I also liked how Mars and Jupiter are not complete bad guys since they help out a little. We don't get to learn about their backgrounds or anything though, which is disappointing. But it is not surprising since this manga doesn't spend a whole lot of time developing the characters. It's more about the Pokemon battles and seeing Pokemon in action.

I also have to admit Hareta isn't as annoying in this volume, but his dad though... his dad is also a dummy, which I didn't like to see. Ah well. It's still a quick, fun read.