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Vampire Knight: v. 2

Vampire Knight, Vol. 2 (v. 2) - Matsuri Hino

The story is somewhat interesting, but I'm not finding myself getting attached to any of the characters, including the two main protagonists, Yuki and Zero. There's nothing distinct about Yuki. She's just fulfilling the role as the main girl, who may soon be in the middle of a love triangle. As for Zero, he's pretty much just the human turned vampire full of angst and is trying to fight his lust for blood.


The art is okay. The author has nice style, but I'm finding that her characters look too similar to each other because they tend to have the same face, and in some scenes, the characters have weird proportions like big hands or really long arms. I also think some of the action scenes could have been better, because I didn't find them to be very dynamic.