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Her Brother's Dirty Secret

Her Brother's Dirty Secret - Kelly Haven

I got this for free and it's definitely one of the better freebies out there. And it's a stepbrother-stepsister erotic story, which is a plus for me, because I like taboo erotica. I liked the storyline, because it has a believable setup. A stepsister trying to find some dirt on her stepbrother, because she hates how he's so perfect seems like a thing siblings would do. I also liked how the story doesn't rushes to the sex. It's a short story, but it has a decent amount of buildup.

I liked how Michelle, the stepsister, addressed the taboo nature of her attraction and how she would not be attracted to Adam, her stepbrother, if he was her brother by blood. It shows that she's at least thinking about this. The stepbrother taking pictures of Michelle at night while she's sleeping is a little creepy, but it adds to the taboo nature of the story. Additionally, I liked how Michelle is in control during the sex scene and has her stepbrother "wrapped around her finger" as she says by the end of the story.