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For Daddy's Love

For Daddy's Love - Bree Jandora

I think this is one of the better stepdad-stepdaughter erotic stories out there. I've been trying to make my way through all the freebies out there for this kind of stuff (for some reason there are a lot of these types of stories around Amazon and well... I like reading them *shrugs*) and so far, I'm not really finding any good ones, because they don't handle the story aspect very well. It's mostly characters who are getting it on within a few pages.

For Daddy's Love doesn't have the best story out there, but it's got something that's a little bit more than just two people who want to have sex. It at least has some kind of buildup and has characters that show some emotions other than pure lust. For instance, Jessica, the stepdaughter, feels sorry for her stepdad, because he lives by all by himself. The stepdad also acts and talks like a stepdad, and I liked that he has a bit of an emotional struggle and actually tries to resist his stepdaughter's advances.