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No Proper Lady

No Proper Lady - Isabel Cooper

There are lots of good ideas here, and I thought the first few chapters showed a lot of promise, but in the end, it just felt dull. For one, I felt like I never got to really know any of the characters. They don't have fully developed personalities, and only a little background is provided for each of them. The story itself is ok, but it drags for the most part until near the end. It was interesting to see Joan, the assassin from the future, try to fit in in a Victorian society, but it happens pretty smoothly.

In fact... I think that is the big problem I had with this book: everything happens with little conflict. Heck, in the beginning, Simon accepts Joan within minutes even though she appears out of nowhere inside a magic circle. He is a magic user, yes, so he's a aware of paranormal things, but I would expect him to be more guarded or cautious before taking her with open arms. The romance between Joan and Simon wasn't anything spectacular either. Simon tries to resist his feelings for Joan for some reason, but he eventually gives in. The villain also wasn't much of a threat since he doesn't know about what's going on until the end when it's too late.