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Stepdaughter Seduction

Stepdaughter Seduction - Sophia Vale

This is a very short story, and what you see in the synopsis is basically what you get. Despite that, I enjoyed reading what was presented here. I liked how Sara's stepfamily is described as being loving and caring and that they took good care of Sara after her mom left. I also liked how TJ, one of Sara's stepbrothers, was being nosy and giving her a hard time. I thought it was funny when TJ and Nate, her stepdad, accidentally walk into her room and see her half-naked, and they can't help but stare. The sex scene at the end was pretty hot. Lots of dirty talk.

All in all, it's a fun erotic short. The characters seem like a pleasant bunch, and I like the way they get along. I plan on reading the next one in the series, Scoring with My Stepbrothers.