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Mars #04: v. 4 (Mars (Tokyopop))

Mars, Volume 04 - Fuyumi Soryo This volume was a little overwhelming. A lot stuff happens, and it's all so emotional and at times even intense. New characters such as Rei's ex-girlfriend show up and stir up even more drama. It's crazy. The ex-girlfriend is so obssessed with Rei that she tries to commit suicide when he basically tells her to go away and leave him alone. Luckily she is saved by Rei at the very last minute, but when she gets home she totally shuts herself off from the world and won't eat, because she's so depressed about Rei not wanting her. Wooow. And I thought Sei's suicide was enough for the story, but I guess not. In the end, this whirlwind of angst is keeping my attention. I can't deny that. I really want to see how all of this turns out.