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Daddy's Christmas Gift

Daddy's Christmas Gift - Jas Kinda hot with the m/f/m threesome with the stepdad and the stepdad's boss, but I wasn't into it. It's more on the porn side, which I don't prefer, because I like to have more substance than that, but it's not bad porn. I found it a little odd that the boss was looking at porn on the computer while he's at somebody else's house, but I guess there had to be a way to get Clara and him together. (She walks in on him, gets turned on by it, and everything just falls into place from there. Kinda ridiculous, which is why it falls into the porn category for me.) I also had to feel bad for the mom. The stepdad and stepdaughter were supposed to meet up with her for Christmas, but they stay home instead to continue the threesome they have going on.