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Flat-Out Sexy (Fast Track Series)

Flat-Out Sexy - Erin McCarthy

First off that is one hot cover. Everytime I read this book, I would stare at the cover for at least a few minutes. Ha. I wish I could have it as a bookmark or something.

As for the actual novel, it does indeed live up to its title. Sexy? Oh yeah. Tamara and Elec's sexual chemistry is sizzling, and I would definitely classify this book as an erotic romance since they do most of their connecting through sex. They also build a strong emotional connection to each other, but a lot of time is spent on their sexual attraction.

I loved the characters themselves too. Elec is such a sweetheart. I loved how he is so kind and affectionate. As for Tamara, I can completely understand why she makes so many excuses before getting into something serious with Elec. She's a mom so she wants somebody who treats her kids right and can be a good dad. She's also a widow so of course it's hard for her to move on to another relationship, especially since her husband was a race car driver who died in a crash during a race, and Elec is a race car driver too. She doesn't want to go through that again. It's also understandable that she has a hard time believing that a young, hot guy like Elec would be into an older woman like her and find her sexy.

This novel is on the fluffy side. Conflicts get resolved pretty easily, especially the problem with Crystal, Elec's relentless fan, that comes up at the end. But it is excellent fluff, and reading it put me in such happy mood.