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Holiday Fantasy: Finding the Right Key'Round MidnightBlind Faith

Holiday Fantasy - Adrianne Byrd, Donna Hill, Kayla Perrin

Not a strong anthology. I don't see why these three in particular were chosen to be put together in one book. They don't have a theme that connects them together except perhaps finding love around the holidays, but that aspect wasn't very distinct. I didn't feel any holiday spirit from these stories.

Finding the Right Key by Adrianne Byrd was the worst of the three. I thought it started out well, and it was pretty steamy in some parts being the most erotic out of the bunch, but the storyline was extremely weak. It barely has a conclusion. The women have sex with the men they end up with. Boom. The end.

'Round Midnight by Donna Hill I was ok with, but in the end I didn't like it. SPOILER AHEAD!!!

I just could not get over how the hero harassed the heroine on her radio show in order to "put her in her place" after she turns him down for a date. It's unbelievable. I don't think the heroine should have ever forgiven him, but unfortunately she does.


Blind Faith by Kayla Perrin was the only story I liked. It's cute, but nothing remarkable.

Overall, it was ok reading material to help pass the time, but I wouldn't recommend this anthology to anybody.